Jancraft screen print a wide range of materials from fabrics to plastics and metals

While we are able to print in 4 colours onto fabrics most printing is single colour.  Onto plastics and metals we can print any number of colours.  There is a one-off screen charge for each colour printed in a design.

There is no minimum quantity on initial orders. For reprinting in a single colour the minimum quantity is 1 and for multi-colour prints the minimum quantity is 10.  Screen printing costs depend upon 2 factors - the number of colours in the design and the quantity of t-shirts or other garments we screen print at one time. Caps are treated as a separate print run.

Different designs and fabrics require different printing methods. In most cases solvent based inks are used on garments. Nylon requires specialised inks and often a transfer film is used according to the printing requirements. Screen printing is the ideal and economic way for decorating large areas and is cost effective where large quantities are required - more often t-shirts and sweatshirts. By using the very best in ink technology we can provide you with a vibrant and long lasting visual identity. We are experienced in digital, spot colour and sublimation printing. We can supply screen printed garments at competitive prices. Just contact us with your specific requirements and we will get back to you with all the relevant information.

When screen printing, one colour at a time is applied and therefore the cost will increase with each additional colour applied. Because a separate screen is needed for each colour, multi-colour printing is not economic for small quantities. Where a small number of garments with a multi-colour design is required we are able to use transfers or sublimation printing.

Plaques, Metal, Stickers, Shirts, Printed Caps